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          Get Connected

          If you are a commuter student, sometimes it takes a little more work to make connections.

          Get involved

          The easiest way to meet other students is to get involved in campus life. Student organizations has something for everyone. Also, check out recreational sports where you will find information about intramurals, the fitness center, the game room and other related physical activities.

          What is happening on campus?

          In MY EMU the events page has all the latest happenings on EMU’s campus. By clicking on the event you will find a detailed description of who, what and when for anything that is going on at EMU.

          Checking your EMU e-mail will also keep you in touch. We know that there are many forms of communication that students use, but e-mail is favored by faculty and staff and is used for many official EMU communications.

          Your student mailbox is one form of communication between you and the community. Please check it frequently. You will receive graded material from professors and U.S. mail.

          Other ways to stay informed about what’s happening are the following:

          • Posters in the stairwells of the Campus Center and University Commons
          • E-mail announcements
          • EMU web calendar
          • Weathervane (weekly university newspaper)
          • Chapel announcements (specifically on Fridays)
          • Word of mouth
          • White boards in the Campus Center greeting hall and the Science Center
          • Sandwich boards outside of The Den (for Common Grounds happenings) and outside the Bookstore (for CAC events)

          Weather delays

          Wondering if the snow or ice is causing a delay in classes? MY EMU will have all the latest announcements or you can sign up for EMU Alerts and receive a text when decisions are made.

          Need a place to study or eat lunch?

          Common Grounds Coffeehouse – Ground floor of the University Commons – It has a light lunch menu, a microwave and comfortable couches. Hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 4 PM & 8 PM – midnight, Sunday noon – midnight. 
          Commuter Lounge – Campus Center next to the Post Office – It has vending 福彩app下载官网下载, a refrigerator to store your lunch, micro wave, couches and lunch tables.
          Royals Den – University Commons on the second floor. Has hot food options.
          Dining Hall – Ground floor of Northlawn – A meal plan, basic or full, is recommended as a way to meet others and recharge on a budget. For reduced prices of all your meals in the cafeteria you can buy a “Lion’s Share” of at least $100 and the cafeteria will give you an additional twenty percent that can be used in the dining hall or the Royals Den snack shop (your $100 is turned in to $120!).

          Reserving a locker

          There are two types of lockers available to you. One set is for your books and personal items and the other is for athletic use. For books, lockers are located on the north side of Common Grounds. Contact the student programs director at 432-4133 for these lockers. For athletic use contact athletics at 432-4440 and you may be assigned one in the locker room area.

          Need assistance, advice or information?

          If you have any special needs or concerns, please contact the director of student programs who serves as the commuter student advocate (432-4133).

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