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          General Contact and Location Information

          Eastern Mennonite University’s main campus (see map) is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A satellite campus is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

          Get directions to campus See the campus map 

          Main Campus Contact and Location

          Mailing and street address:

          Eastern Mennonite University
          1200 Park Rd
          Harrisonburg, VA 22802-2462

          Telephone: 540-432-4000
          Fax: 540-432-4444
          TTY: 540-432-4599

          EMU Lancaster Contact and Location

          Mailing address:

          Eastern Mennonite University
          PO Box 10936
          Lancaster, PA 17605-0936

          Toll-free: 866-368-5262
          Local: 717-397-5190
          Fax: 717-397-5281

          Undergraduate Admissions Contact and Location

          The admissions office is located in the Campus Center near the registrar and financial aid offices.

          Go to the admissions website
          Admissions counselors and directors and office staff
          Toll-free US: 800-368-2665
          Local/international: 540-432-4118

          Financial Aid Office

          Go to the Financial Aid website
          Toll-free US: 800-330-9683
          Local/international: 540-432-4137

          Alumni and Parent Engagement Office

          Go to the alumni website
          Alumni director and office staff
          Phone: 540-432-4206

          Seminary Contact and Location

          The seminary building (see map) is located on Smith Avenue just above Lehman Auditorium and diagonal from the Campus Center.

          Web site
          Toll-free US: 800-710-7871
          Local/international: 540-432-4260
          Fax: 540-432-4598

          The seminary mailing address is the same as the university address.

          Graduate School Contact Info

          EMU’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies is located on the southern end of campus in Heatwole House ( see map ) on Smith Avenue.

          Phone: 540-432-4026

          The graduate school mailing address is the same as the university address.

          EMU Technology Helpdesk

          The campus helpdesk and user services department is located on the lower level of Sadie Hartzler Library (see map).

          Web site
          540-432-HELP (4357)

          Website Contacts

          General questions and concerns: webmaster@

          Media Contacts

          Press kit and media inquiries
          EMU Media Relations 
          540-432-4211, marketing@

          Emergency Contacts

          Call 911 for any situation that requires IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property.

          Witnesses and victims of a campus crime or emergency, as well as anyone who is suspicious of people or situations on campus, are urged to contact:

          • Campus security can be reached at 4911 from a campus phone or 540-432-4911 from an off-campus phone.
          • In the residence halls, one of the residence directors will be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies or incidents which occur on campus. The staff member can be reached by calling 540-476-4578.

          Each residence hall room is equipped with a campus telephone line (residents provide their own telephones), and a phone is also located at the main entrance of each residence hall. Incidents can also be reported in person at the Physical Plant Office, or at the Student Life Office in the University Commons building.

          See also: Campus Safety and Security

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